About us

Timeline Major event
2017 years H-TP dedicated VCP officially launched
2016 years The fourth generation of HDI filling line on-line and through customer certification and high-tech enterprises identified through
December 2014 Zipper industry automation equipment R & D project started
October 2014 HDI insoluble anode VCP official trial production
November 2013 Broadcom HDI through hole full fill blind hole full filling project external business
August 2012 Broadcom chain HDI filling VCP production line installation and commissioning is completed。
June 2011 Bertone propulsion VCP electroplating copper automatic line installation and commissioning is completed。
June 2010 HDI gantry full fill plating line installation and commissioning is completed
October 2008 The first nickel palladium gold gantry plating line design is completed。
October 2007 The first standardized gantry copper wire design is completed。
March 2015 Through the blind hole full of lifting VCP on-line production
April 2006 Kunshan Broadcom Machinery Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Kunshan

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